Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Upcoming Zebra Debuts

Here Comes the Bride
by Laura Drewry
May 1, 2005
Gabe Calloway is certain of only two things in his life. The first is he was born to be a rancher. It's bred into him as much as the color of his eyes and the huge stubborn streak he inherited from his father. The second is that ladies have no business whatsoever in a town like Porter Creek, Montana Territory. It is a life of hardship, sorrow and pain, and sooner or later every woman will succumb to the harshness of the land.
So how is it that in a matter of weeks, a tiny whisper of a thing like Tess Kinley - a fancy city girl no less - can turn his whole world upside down and leave him wondering what the hell happened.
Tess insists she is meant to be at El Cielo, his family's ranch, yet her blue blood paints a very different picture for Gabe. She is, without question, the least likely person able to cope with ranch life, yet she dives in with an exuberance that softens even Gabe's own hardened core. Yet, the more he's drawn to her, the more determined he is to put her on the very next stage headed east. Best to do it now, while his heart is still whole, than risk her leaving him and his heart in a million pieces.
If only she'd stop looking at him that way; if only she'd stop letting him kiss her; if only. . . .

My Red Shoes
by Liana Merrill
June 5, 2005
And that's all I have. It's a contemporary.

Risk Everything
by Sophia Johnson
July 5, 2005
Upon a moonless midnight, his face in shadow, a silent man comes riding....Could it be? Is it him, so far from his lands and his people? Meghan can make no mistake, not when her heart cries out his name: Rolf MacDhaidh. She had loved him once, in secret--and now the man they called the Lord of Vengeance wanted her....
To Rolf, Meghan of Blackthorn is more precious than gold, But he must forget his bygone dreams of her as his bride and remember she is no more than a captive now. Yet her beauty bewitches him still--and her spirit kindles a passionate desire that cannot be tamed...

I love, love, love this next cover!

The Seduction of Sarah
Cynthia Clement
July 5, 2005
Widowed Sarah Wellsley delights in her daily swim – until she is discovered by an imposing stranger who mistakes her for a harlot. Having escaped the cad’s embrace, she’s mortified to meet him again mere hours later, and shocked to discover he is the long-absent Marquess of Caldern…and her cousin Caroline’s intended. But now he only has eyes for Sarah, and will pursue her at any cost. The situation couldn’t be more awkward – particularly because she cannot erase the memory of Alex Caldern’s touch.
Alex long ago abandoned dreams of love. His marriage will be a business arrangement to produce an heir. On the eve of his proposal, however, he is seized by a passion he cannot ignore: the need to possess Lady Caroline’s quiet cousin. By turns wanton and demure, Sarah confounds his every instinct and thwarts even his most ingenious attempts to have her. Yet she is by his side, unbidden, especially when he is in danger.
As the attempts on Caldern’s life multiply, Sarah’s deepest feelings slowly make themselves known. And when Alex finally realizes what she wants, he’s more than prepared to satisfy her….

What A Woman Needs
by Caroline Linden
August 5, 2005
Stuart Drake wants to marry an heiress. Charlotte Griffolino wants to protect her niece from fortune hunters—like Stuart. Neither suspects that what they might actually need…is each other.

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sybil said...

I have really really liked Zebra's covers lately. In fact I have bought two new authors because of them and I NEVER do that.

All of these look good, except My Red Shoes. Are these coming out soon? I try and buy anything western or even western like new, even if it won't be that great just to do my small part to show someone wants the damn books written ;).

sybil said...

skip that - are they coming out soon part

you only put the dates in the post... may only excuse is I am suppose to be working so window flipping is causing brain rot

Beverly said...

Yeah, I thought Here Comes the Bride looked interesting as well. I have a love/hate relationships with western romances. I love the setting, and a lot of the books, but there are too many that are full of cliches. Hopefully this one will be good.

And yeah, My Red Shoes does look bad. I know they only have so much money to spend on art when the book is only $3, but couldn't they find a stock photo or something that would have been more interesting?

Alyssa said...

Wow, The Seduction of Sara is an evocative cover, isn't it? Makes me want to try the book.