Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Dark Tower

I've been waiting and waiting and I finally got The Dark Tower audiobook in at the library. I have listed to five of the Dark Tower books on audio (I read The Gunslinger, listened to the next three while driving to Texas, and listened to books five and six driving to and from work and college classes). I've had book 7 since it came out (my husband likes to read them first) but I've enjoyed listening to them so I waited. Also, it's kind of sad knowing that this is the end. The last one. I have really enjoyed this series.

King has never been a favorite writer. I've only read a few of his titles. I read Pet Sematary in high school and scared myself nearly to death because I was alone at the time. I read The Stand because my husband bugged me and bugged me to read it for two years. And I read Eyes of the Dragon when I found out it was connected to The Dark Tower series. I know there are others, but I just don't have the interest or the energy to seek them out right now.

But I love the Dark Tower series. I think it is clear that this is a series with all of the author's passion and creativity invested in it. It has a clear arc and has very detailed and well-imagined characterizations. I has many literary and cultural allusions. It is a combination of western, fantasy, and science fiction, and these genres are all among my favorites.

Anyway, book 7 on audion is 29 hours long! I figure that between driving to work (fifteen minutes, twice a day, five times a week) and driving to class (45 minutes, twice a day, twice a week), it will take me about five weeks to get through the whole book. But what will I do then? I might have to resort to fanfiction.

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