Friday, December 14, 2007

This looks interesting .... Night Child by Jes Battis

I ran across a future release listing today on for a book called Night Child by Jes Battis, and I didn't recognize the author's name, so I googled him/her. It turned out to be a guy, who happens to be a professor, and here's his website:

And here's the blurb he has for the book that got me really interested: "What would a vampire courtroom look like? How do you test a demon's DNA? Tess Corday answers these questions as an OSI (Occult Special Investigator) working in the city of Vancouver. Using a mixture of cutting-edge forensics technology and old-fashioned magic, Tess solves all manner of violent crimes within the supernatural community. If someone unlawfully kills a goblin or a warlock (and there are plenty in the seedier districts of town), she gets the call. But when a routine murder investigation leads Tess to a thirteen-year-old girl named Mia Polanski, her life is plunged into chaos. Mia is trapped in the middle of a turf-war between vampires and necromancers, and as she struggles to protect the innocent girl, Tess finds herself getting closer each second to a conspiracy that could rock the mystical world. All she has to do is stay alive. But first she needs to unravel the mystery of the NIGHT CHILD."

I love paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and the variations of these genres that I've been reading for the last few years. But there's been a little too much repetition lately. This seems like it might be an interesting perspective. Here's to hoping it will be. It's released May 27, 2008 from Ace.