Thursday, April 28, 2005

RWR Brouhaha

Well, another day in the online romance community, another blow-up. And as someone who goes to the movies specifically to see things explode and who thought the coolest part of basic training was the grenade range, I have to say I'm fascinated by following these things. First we had the RITA thing, then the RTB thing, and now the RWR thing. Lots of acronyms, starting to look like the US military/government complex. Anyhow, here's who's weighed in so far:

Now, what I'd really like to hear about is one of these authors writing a rebuttal in the next RWR and basically telling Ms. Gentry to screw off (I would myself, but she doesn't have an actual website or email available -- that I can find). But, I imagine I'll be waiting forever 'cause most romance authors are just so dang nice to each other. But if somebody does write a rebuttal, please please please tell me!

And all of this brouhaha over an article I can't even read! I want to read the WHOLE THING! WHAAA! But in order to read it, I'd have to join RWA. Let's see. RWA=$100.

But I'm still trying to save the money to join ALA, which is probably more important because it actually has something to do with my job. Let's see. ALA=$100 (with roundtables and divisions for support staff). And I need to join MLA as well, since well, that's where I live and work. And MLA=$30.

RWA -- $100
ALA -- $100
MLA -- $30
Knowing what's going on when everything blows up online -- Priceless


Amie Stuart said...

LOL@the master card analogy. If I didn't like my local chapter so much, I'd seriously question burning 100.00 (or 85 or whatever) to renew this fall.

McVane said...

I'm puzzled by reactions to that letter. No, no, I'm more puzzled by reactions over the erotica/romantica/romance funcula. It seems that it's about toleration and validation. Well, thank God that I'm just a reader with money to burn. :D

sybil said...

I would love to read the whole thing too. And would love to write a rebuttal. But I don't have 100 and am not a writer.

So in a way I really don't have a dog in the fight.

But really damn it, I want my books and the option to read whatever my I want.

Anonymous said...

That might be the first time anyone called me nice - you should see what the fanfic people wrote to me after I challenged them. I'm still recovering :) But your point is valid. Complaining on a blog is only half the battle.


Beverly said...

Cece -- welcome, and it seems a lot of authors are thinking that way lately

Maili -- I think I'd be more sure about what to think if I could actually read the whole letter. But yeah, I think the whole debate is stupid

Sybil -- Well, I think everybody who reads and who cares is involved somewhat. Publishers choose what goes out there, and I'm sure they listen at least a little to authors. But romantica is selling like crazy right now, so I hope it keeps up

HelenKay -- I don't think that nice and opinionated are mutually exclusive, and a lot of the people in the fanfic/anti-fanfic arguments are psycho. Oh, and I added your link, but I'd really like to see one of the published authors call Ms. Gentry on her bias. I look forward to you being one of them.

HelenKay said...

Thank you for the link and if I ever get published you'll hear me screaming for joy :)