Saturday, April 23, 2005

Book Hopping with Maili

Maili has a fun little exercise for other bloggers posted on her blog. I thought I'd try it, but I don't think the result makes any sense. Too jumbled. But line #4 is hilarious!

Here's my paragraph:

The news of Horation Algernon Thorne's death came accompanied by a letter from him. "Satisfied now?" "There were remains of shallow-water dwelling animals with her." His fingers came out of Eddie Dean's asshole with a plopping sound. Unheeded, the red sun finished sinking below the horizon, dragging the veil of night behind it across the moors.

1. My Dearest Enemy -- Connie Brockway -- because I've been meaning to reread it
2. If Angels Burn -- Lynn Viehl -- got it from a couple weeks ago, haven't got to it yet because of school work
3. One Way Out -- Michele Albert -- same as #2
4. The Drawing of the Three -- Stephen King -- This is seriously the next to last sentence on page 150. It's at the front of the bookshelf because Steve reread them all recently.
5. The Veil of Night -- Lydia Joyce -- same as #2 and #3

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