Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Movies to Look Forward To, Part Deux

Here are a few more movies that I am looking forward to this summer/fall.

The Devil's Rejects: sequel to the gross but interesting House of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie. July 22nd

The Longest Yard: A remake. Football. Adam Sandler. Steve and I are so there. May 27th

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Yeah, this movie (or the stars at least) has seen a lot of gossip and speculation. But have you seen the trailer yet? This looks good. Angelina Jolie usually plays the type of heroine I'd love to see in romance, but have yet to see the equal of. June 10th

Unleashed: I like Jet Li. I like Morgan Freeman. Looks like an interesting movie dealing with how damaged people can become through terrible treatment, and how to come back from it. May 13th

Wedding Crashers: I think both of these guys are hilarious. And Christopher Walken is just amazing in everything. July 15th

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Johnny Depp is in two Tim Burton movies this year -- this one and the animated The Corpse Bride, which also looks great. I'm looking forward to this redo of the children's classic. July 15th

Dark Water: Steve and I liked The Ring (one and two) and we liked The Grudge. I am a big anime fan and I am excited to see more Japanese horror make it to the US, even if they are remakes. July 8th

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Sasha said...

The Longest Yard remake looks great in the previews!

So does Unleashed! Will you review them when you see them? I admit, I just found your blog today, but I love it! I'm a huge movie freak!! LOL

Beverly said...

Yeah, I'll probably put up a few thoughts. I've never really written an all-out review, and I tend to just ramble random ideas about movies. Also, I tend to be a fan-girl about movies. I love them!