Sunday, June 05, 2005

Movies to Look Forward To, Part Sei

Four Brothers: I think this story of four adopted brothers who set out to find their mother's murderer sounds like a fresh idea. Mark Wahlberg has turned out to be a surprisingly good actor, and I'm looking forward to seeing Andre Benjamin (from Outkast) in a movie.
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The Island: This sounds a lot like Logan's Run, but I think it will be good, and hopefully not too much of a copy. I like Ewan McGregor (despite his turn in Star Wars), and though I don't really care for Scarlett Johannsen, she is a good actress. Oh, and the gorgeous Sean Bean is in it.
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The Transporter II: Jason Statham is returning for this sequel to the intense-action movie The Transporter (2002). This time, instead of being hired to kidnap someone, the sons of the people he works for are kidnapped, and he has to find them.
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Hustle & Flow: I just saw the movie trailer for this one while watching The Longest Yard (which I enjoyed). It's about a blue-collar pimp who wants to be a rap star, but it isn't as easy as he thought it would be. Oh, and Ludacris, whose music my husband enjoys, is in it as well.
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16 Blocks: Bruce Willis is a cop who has to escort a witness (Mos Def) from police custody to a New York courthouse 16 blocks away. But there are plenty of people who never want them to get there.
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The Brothers Grimm: Heath Ledger and Matt Damon actually look like they could pass reasonably for brothers, so that is a plus. And Monica Belluci and Jonathan Price are supporting. The premise is that the Grimm brothers were actually scam artists, tricking villages into paying them to save them from magical creatures that they told stories about, but then they are hired to deal with a real magical threat. Which is a lot like the plot for Dhampir by Barb & J. C. Hendee.
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Endgame: Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays a Secret Service agent obsessed with finding out who killed the President he was supposed to protect. Great supporting cast (James Woods, Burt Reynolds, Angie Harmon).
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