Thursday, June 30, 2005

More Links for Maili

Sybil has challenged us to find some sites for Maili now that she is going to have to sit in bed for a month.

Anyway, here are a few sites I go to when I'm looking for something interesting and entertaining:

WotMania -- This is mainly a site devoted to Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, but there is some good discussion of fantasy, science fiction, movies, comics, etc. on the Other Fantasy message board.

Darwin Awards -- I never get tired of this website, or the books based on the site. If you're not familiar with the awards, the short version is that they're given to people who do such stupid things that they take themselves out of the gene pool, by death or occasionally sterlization.

Duirwaigh Gallery -- Some of my favorite artists have works displayed on this website. You can buy prints and all sorts of cool things like keychains and stickers, etc., but I just like the central galleries of these artists.

PopCap Games -- When I am beyond bored this is where I go. You can only play solitaire or minesweeper so many times. When you're tired of them, go here.

Dark Horizons -- News, interviews, on-the-set pictures from movies. If you don't like spoilers, you should probably avoid this site, but it's cool to see what's going on with movies I look forward to.

Hot or Not? -- Hmm, you all are probably going to think I'm weird now, but this is a site where you rate photos of people that they put up themselves. You can sort by age and gender. It's interesting and crazy to see the pictures people voluntarily put up with the possibility of insult, and it's interesting to see how people are rated.

Gawker -- Pretty well known site, but I like the little blurbs of stupid or crazy things going on in entertainment, politics, and news.

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McVane said...

How strange. I left a message the other day but it didn't show up. Trying again:

Thank you so much for those links. :) Had fun, exploring those. PopCap games? F. addictive. Perfect for me. Cheers for that. :)