Thursday, June 23, 2005

2005 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs!

Woo-hoo! Just finished watching the game. This series, and this whole year, has been very exciting and very nerve-wracking. After game six, Steve and I were both worried about this Game Seven. The Spurs are an excellent team, but sometimes they struggle in big, stressful games. But they pulled through. And it's great that it happened in San Antonio. And it was cool to see David Robinson congratulate Tim.

For the third time, Tim Duncan is the MVP! Only three other players have gotten the MVP trophy three times -- Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O'Neal -- pretty elite company.

Gregg Popovich -- the fifth coach in NBA history to win three championships!

People keep saying that San Antonio is the most international team in the NBA and a big part of that is because of these two excellent players -- Manu Ginobili from Argentina and Tony Parker from France.

Robert Horry has had some pretty amazing plays in this series.

Bruce Bowen has gotten a lot of crap about being a rough player, but he has also really delivered and been an incredibly steady player.

Nazr Mohammed is new this year, and was brought in to help fill in the hole left by David Robinson, and he has done an excellent job.

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sybil said...

It was a good game, although I didn't see most of it.

They are great winners. And they played well. You have to happy for such great guys.

of course I live in san antonio ;)

Beverly said...

They are great guys, and I hope people who don't live there realize that too. They have great sportsmanship, they play well together as a team, they are involved in all sorts of things in the city, and you very rarely hear about them getting into any kind of trouble like is so common in professional sports these days.

And I miss San Antonio. It's so great to be in the city after a win like this. Since the Spurs are the only national professional team there, the city really rallies around them.

Anonymous said...

The Pistons are getting their championship back. So don't get too used to the idea of the Spurs keeping that trophy/title. Rip, Big Ben, Chauncey, 'Sheed and Tayshawn are in good form this season. Check out their record so far. Watch out!! DEEEEEE-TROIT bas-ket-ball.--Pistons Fan, who stumbled upon this blog! :-)