Thursday, February 24, 2005

Three for Two

Divine Fire by Melanie Jackson Posted by Hello

I picked this one up a couple of days ago at Borders because they were having their Three for Two sale on "selected" romance novels. I got Divine Fire, Amanda Quick's new historical Wait Until Midnight, and Jo Beverley's A Most Unsuitable Man, which I have read raves about over at AAR. I don't love the cover of Divine Fire, but I do think it is well-conceived and conveys what kind of book it is very well.

I really enjoyed Melanie Jackson's Lutin Empire goblins series, and I having been looking forward to this new one. Jackson is an author who is taking risks in her stories, and I, for one, appreciate it. I really get tired of the same old storylines and the endless cliches and stereotypes in romance. I love romantic stories, but sometimes in romance-land the stereotypes and the repetitive thematic elements take aware from my enjoyment of the story.

Oh, and whoever came up with the idea for the Lutin Empire site when the first of Jackson's goblin books came out is a very creative person and should be emulated by other authors and publishers. That site definitely got my attention and I sent lots of friends and fellow readers there.

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meljean said...

That Lutin Empire site is incredible! I can't believe how much effort must have been put into it -- what a fantastic link.

I'm looking forward to reading Divine Fire -- totally agree about the cover, too. It screams cheesy, but the concept of the book itself feels very original. I'd love to hear what you think of it when you are finished.