Monday, February 14, 2005

Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe

Here's another title whose combination of beautiful cover and interesting synopsis caught my eye: Beyond the Pale by newcomer Savannah Russe. It's out in June 2005 from Signet, and in MMPB, always a plus for my purse. I enjoy books about vampires and vampire hunters, and this one has an interesting premise, though it sounds similar to Angela Knight's vampires from the Secrets anthologies.

The synopsis:
If you passed Daphne Urban on the streets of New York, you'd see a sleek brunette, young, dressed in up to the minute style. You'd never know she was a vampire. But the government knows.
Their ultimatum: Spy for the United States, or be terminated. And after all these centuries, Daphne is not ready to call it quits...
Even as vampires go, Daphne is extraordinary. She speaks thirteen languages, has lived in as many countries, and has a genius level IQ. She's also escaped detection and capture for nearly five hundred years - which makes her perfect for project Darkwing's most dangerous assignments. Her first mission is to get close to Bonaventure - a shady arms dealer with terrorist connections.
But while she chases Bonoventure, someone else is chasing her - the darkly sexy vampire slayer Darius della Chiesa. His mission is to kill her - leaving him torn between desire and duty. For his lithe, lovely prey is also his ultimate temptation...

And here's a link for the cover, though its not a very good scan:

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