Monday, February 14, 2005

Emerald Nuts and Unicorns

If you live in the US and you watch TV, you have to have seen the commercials for Emerald Nuts, which are pretty unique and inventive. Well, last night I was watching .... something, which was overshadowed by the commercial .... and a new EN commercial came on.

Here's the rundown: "Exaggerating Dad" opens with a father and his daughter sitting on a sofa in their living room. He's munching Emerald Nuts and she asks for some. Jealously guarding his snack, the father says, "Honey, if you eat an Emerald Nut unicorns will disappear forever." Suddenly the camera swings around to see a beautiful white unicorn standing in the living room doorway. "That's not true, Jim," the unicorn scolds. The camera spins again to reveal Santa sitting opposite the sofa. "Yeah, and saying I'd never come because she ate your Emerald cashews? Jim, come on," he admonishes. Dad looks sheepish and glances at the Easter Bunny now ensconced next to him on the couch. "What about, 'If you touch those Emerald Nuts the Easter Bunny gets whacked'?" the rabbit shrugs. Dad gives in and prepares to share the nuts with his daughter as a super appears with the copy line, "They're kind of hard to share."

Now the Santa and the Easter bunny I don't care about, but I think its really awesome that they put a unicorn in a commercial that ran during the Super Bowl. Made my day. And I had to call my husband at work at 1 a.m (he works nights most of the time) just to tell him about it. He thinks I'm crazy of course.

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