Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vampire Books To Look Forward To

With the surge in popularity of paranormal books in general and vampires stories in particular, there are always, always more books on the horizon for the vampire lover. Though I don't like every vampire book I read (by far, because there are always duds, especially when many authors just jump on the bandwagon, rather than write what they love), but I do enjoy vampire stories.

I think my preference is mostly because vampires are exotic and dangerous. I like nice guys in real life and in books, but I definitely enjoy reading about men/creatures who are slightly dangerous. They are of course even better when paired with a woman who is strong and slightly dangerous herself. I have enjoyed books where the woman was the vampire and where both have been vampires, and even seek those out because they promise something different and usually a woman I can respect.

A few of these are out already, but there are also a number that are upcoming

The Devil's Knight
by Lucy Blue
Pocket, 28 February 2006
Second in the Bound in Darkness series, I like that this series is set in Medieval times. I haven't yet read My Demon's Kiss.

Lover Eternal
by J. R. Ward
Signet, 7 March 2006
The highly anticipated sequel to Ward's Dark Lover, this one is out already. It's terrible, but I still haven't got around to reading Dark Lover, though I have it on my TBR pile.

A Hunger Like No Other
by Kresley Cole
Pocket, 28 March 2006
I am really curious about how Cole is going to write her heroine in this one, described as a half-Valkyrie/half-vampire who is destined to marry a man/werewolf warrior who has spent his whole life fighting the vampires. Though this sounds somewhat inspired by the movie Underworld, I think it looks interesting. I haven't read any Cole yet. And I really like this cover -- menacing yet sexy.

Past Redemption
by Savannah Russe
Signet, 4 April 2006
The sequel to Beyond the Pale. It's interesting to me that three of the most interesting new series in paranormal/vampire stories (Ward's, Russe's and Viehl's) are both published by Signet. Somewhere out there is an editor who not only has good taste, but who anticipated the interest in romance/urban fantasy/mystery series.

The Burning
by Susan Squires
St. Martin's, 4 April 2006
Squires turns to the story of a psychic woman who is thought to be insane, and a vampire who must hunt his own kind. Squires is a very talented author, and she's been blessed with some beautiful covers for this series.

Keep Me Forever
by Rosemary Laurey
Kensington, 6 April 2006
I really enjoyed Laurey's first books in this series. I read them when they were originally published by a small press, and was thrilled when they were reprinted in paperback.

Vamps in the City
by Kerrelyn Sparks
Avon, 1 May 2006
I really like the cover for this one, and even though I haven't yet read Sparks, I might have to pick this one up for the cover alone. I hope the author doesn't dance around her premise -- the heroine has been in a vampire's harem for four years -- because that would pretty much turn me off the series. I know this is a "funny" rather than serious series, but it'll be disappointing if she's set this up only to back out of it.

Definitely Dead
by Charlaine Harris
Ace, 2 May 2006
I love the Sookie Stackhouse series and have anxiously been awaiting this latest entry.

Even Vampires Get the Blues
by Katie MacAlister
Signet, 2 May 2006
I read the first couple of books in this series, and thought they were fun but not really my speed. This one is the latest in her series.

Dark Need
by Lynn Viehl
Signet, 6 June 2006
Viehl's series has been very good in my opinion, and I look forward to each of her new releases. Her science fiction novel, Blade Dancer, is in my top favorites across all genres, so I'm pretty loyal to her from now on.

Hunting the Hunter
by Shiloh Walker
Berkley, 30 June 2006
Walker is another Ellora's Cave author that is making it into the print publishing world. This books has a man hunting down a woman that he believes killed his best friend, and she just happens to be a vampire. Definitely sounds interesting to me. And I love this cover.

Be Mine Tonight
by Kathryn Smith
Avon, 1 July 2006
First in a new series, by the usual historical author. I haven't seen a whole lot of details on this one yet, but I am very interested in it.

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ReneeW said...

Wow, those are some great covers. I'm going to bookmark this page. I have just started reading a few vampire and love them, especially if they are dark (but I've stayed away from MJD - I don't care for the humor). I read Dark Lover and a couple by Sizemore. Twilight by Stephenie was great too. Thanks for this.

Bev (BB) said...

Aha! I knew it was Katie MacAlister who was doing another funny vampire series. I just didn't have proof because I haven't gotten one of them yet. I think I've reached my vamp limit. (G)

Jay said...

The Vamps in the City cover is really nice. I like it a lot. I'm interested to see how she works the premise too. I thought HTMAMV was only okay, so I'm hoping this one is better.

Anonymous said...

I saw a place where you can see the video to Susan Squires book!