Saturday, March 18, 2006

Favorite Shojo Manga

I just added a listing of my favorite manga series to my sidebar this week, and thought I would take the time to tell a little about them. Today I'm going to talk about the shojo manga in the group, and I will talk about all of them a little at a time. These are listed in no particular order.

Tokyo Boys & Girls
by Miki Aihara
Published by Viz
Mimori finally gets in to the school she's been dying to attend, and things start off well with her making friends with one of the most beautiful girls in school, but she ends up as the class president and singled out by three boys and her teacher for reasons that aren't so good. And to top it all off, she reunites with a boy she knew from elementary school, but he's out to get revenge for her "bullying" of him. The problem? She doesn't remember any of it.
There will be 5 volumes total.

Beauty is the Beast
by Tomo Matsumoto
Published by Viz
Eimi's parents move for work, and she decides she doesn't want to change schools, so she moves into the school dormitory, where she meets new friends, and a new crush. The problem? Wanibuchi, the guy she has a crush on, has a secret life and is really hard for her to figure out.
I'm pretty sure there will be 5 volumes total.

Boys over Flowers
by Yoko Kamio
Published by Viz
Tsukushi Makino is a girl who gets into an elite high school that is mostly full of the spoiled children of rich and powerful families. She almost immediately runs up against the F4, a group of four incredibly popular boys who basically run the school, and they vow to get rid of her as they have others before her. But Tsukushi doesn't lay down easily, and the leader of the boys falls in love with her. The problem? He won't admit to loving a "commoner" and she has a crush on another boy.
There were 36 volumes in Japan, 19 are published/scheduled so far in the US and it is still going strong.

Fruits Basket
by Natsuki Takaya
Published by Tokyopop
Tohru Honda is orphaned and tries to live alone until a boy she goes to school with invites her to live with his family. She agrees to take care of their house, and finds out that the family is under a curse (they turn into the animals from the Chinese zodiac when they are touched/hugged by someone of the opposite gender). She sees the pain that this curse causes the members of the Sohma family and wants to be friends with all of them.
There will eventually be 19 volumes or more.

Imadoki! Nowadays
by Yu Watase
Published by Viz
Tanpopo is going to start at a new school that is mostly for rich kids (sounds a bit like Boys over Flowers at First, but is handled differently) and so decides to check out the school before the first day. When she's there, she meets a guy who is planting flowers on the school property and she makes friends with him. But the next day when school starts, he completely ignores her and she vows to become his real friend. The problem? He thinks everybody is as fake as the rich kids he goes to school with, and there's another girl out to get him before Tanpopo does.
5 volumes total

Kodocha: Sana's Stage
by Miho Obana
Published by Tokyopop (out of print)
Sana is a child actress who is frustrated with the bully at school who runs the classroom. Sana is a really happy kid, and Akito is really gloomy, and their opposite natures cause problems as they each try to get control over the other. But their clashing creates some romantic sparks and a little bit of mutual understanding.
10 volumes total.

by Fuyumi Soryo
Published by Tokyopop
Kira is an artist who is very introverted, and Rei is the "bad boy" who sees a picture she drew and becomes interested in her. As their relationship develops, secrets from both of their pasts come to the surface and threaten their growing relationship.
15 volumes total.

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I'm a Japanese girl,and I like manga very much,in particular,manga by Yu Watase!!I am happy to see your blog.