Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Silhouette Nocturne (and a couple Bombshells)

I'm really looking forward to the new Silhouette Nocturne line. I actually wonder a bit that it has taken Harlequin this long to establish a line like this. Paranormal romance is so HUGE right now, and has been for long enough, that it seems a little behind the curve to start a dedicated line now.

I know that they have had a few other paranormals published here and there in their other lines (a few in Bombshell, some Intrigues, one that I know of in Next, and the old Dreamscapes miniline), but I actually get frustrated trying to find the few paranormal needles in the haystack of all the Harlequin lines.

Harlequin doesn't provide a list of the paranormal titles that they occaisionally produce (at least, no list I've ever found), which means I'd have to look through the list every month trying to figure out which are paranormals and which I might be interested in. And honestly, with the number of books they now produce, that's just too time consuming. So I really like that they are going to finally have this line. I know there will still be a few here or there that I miss, and hopefully word-of-mouth will bring most of them to me, but the new line should mean that most paranormals will be sent to that line's editor. At least, let's hope so.

It will be two books a month for now, which I wouldn't mind seeing increase for more variety. Looking at the early books, I know McKenna, Korbel and Child are series staples. Hauf and Piniero have done some great paranormals in the past, so I look forward to their entries. And Lisa Childs is a name I don't think I've done before.

In October:

In November:

In December:

And some paranormals coming soon from Bombshell:
On September 12th:

On October 10th:

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Kristie (J) said...

I haven't really been paying that much attention to the Harlequin lines so I didn't really realize they were coming out with a strictly paranormal line. I like the idea and I love some of those covers. I think I might just have to give in and start buying another line again besides their Historical line (I went on a protest after they cancelled the Tempation line) I hear though that they are cancelling the Bombshell line. I never did read one of those.

Beverly said...

I hadn't heard that about canceling the Bombshell line. It would be a disappointment because I like the variety that Bombshell brings and I have enjoyed a few of the books, but I think that Bombshell suffers from the problem of many of the Harl/Sil lines: same authors, same plot devices, and the fear or inability to actually create strong characters.